When Eid Falls On A Friday

With ʿĪd occurring tomorrow, which is a Friday, I have written up the results of some research I conducted on the topic as promised. The essay is an extended one which is why I would just like to mention the conclusions here although anyone interested can read the full research by downloading the attached file.

My conclusions are:

  1. If ʿĪd coincides with a Friday one is excused from attending the Jumuʿah prayer service
  2. This concession applies to those who have prayed the ʿĪd prayer
  3. This concession applies absolutely to everyone including local residents, those living on the outskirts of the town or city and even the Imām
  4. One who chooses not to pray the Jumuʿah prayer is obligated to pray the Ẓuhr prayer instead
  5. Although the Imām is not obligated to hold the Jumuʿah service it is better to do so as the Prophet did

Happy reading: When Eid Falls on a Friday by Salal Ahmed Haque


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